Me at my wedding

Me at my wedding

I am a graduate student in social psychology at the University of Illinois. Broadly speaking, my research examines how we parse the social domain into categories, especially in reference to religion and morality. More specifically, I am interested in how we think about religious affiliations, how we reason about different supernatural concepts (e.g., God versus Karma), whether badness is the same as wrongness, and similar questions. You can learn more about my research, and the research of my colleagues, at the Psychology of Religion, Agency, and Morality Lab’s website or by navigating to the research page.

Before embarking on doctoral studies, I earned a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Maryland, tutored K-12 and college students in reading and writing, worked in education policy and research at a non-profit research firm, and earned a master’s degree in Cognition and Culture at Queen’s University Belfast. All of these experiences have molded my research interests and informed my belief in the power of science to help us understand the social world.

A Theory of Mind covers social science research on religion, education, morality, and politics.

You can contact me at ecsalomon@gmail.com.


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